This is my little collection of stories that include some stories related to the Clan Short Universe, a variety of FanFiction works and even a few completely original pieces. Please be aware that some of the stories may include same-gender adult situations and naughty language. If you're not offended by such things, please come in and enjoy.


Halloween Story - Revisited


Things change. Sometimes it's good, and sometimes it's bad. And, every now and then, things change all at once.

After a change, it's good to remember that what your are isn't as important as who you are.

Parvenu, Book 2: All Hallows' Eve, has been posted in the Halloween area of the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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"...I just feel like, since I'm his father, that there should be something that I can do to help." Kerry said plaintively.

"Nope. Just let him know that you're there when he needs you. Until then, it's up to him."

"Thanks, Derek. I knew that, but I guess that I just needed to hear it." Kerry said gratefully.

"Why don't you try and get some sleep. I've got a feeling that this is going to be a really long night."

"Yeah. I'll do that."

Fallwell Paranormal Research, Book 3, 'Case#  20160127A ', The Winchell Hotel, Chapter 3 has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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The Shadow of a SoulPreviously:
"It is improper to do such as this in front of your parents." Enoch said in a mortified whisper.

"They're our parents, and if we can't kiss in front of them, then who can we kiss in front of?" Mark asked simply.

"It seems disrespectful." Enoch shyly muttered.

"You guys mind if we kiss?" Mark called loudly, so his parents could hear.

"It's okay for now, but not when we get into traffic, you'll cause some old biddy to have an accident." Pat said with a smile.

"Keep it above the waist." Derek said with a devilish grin.

"See? They're okay with it." Mark said warmly, then asked, "Just for a little bit?"

"For a moment." Enoch finally reluctantly agreed.

The Shadow of a Soul, Chapter 17, has been posted in the Fiction section for you reading pleasure.

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