6) Forcing Forbidden Doors 3

Warning: Explicit M/M sex herein: If you don't enjoy the graphic stuff, wait for the next chapter where they're enjoying the afterglow. You won't miss anything essential to the story line, I promise.

Spike's mind blurred as he began to return to consciousness.

He could feel the wonderful sensation of a warm body snuggled against him.

A spark of fear jolted through his body as he fought to keep from opening his eyes.

Did the watcher decide that he was weak enough to require fresh blood? Had Danforth Giles lured a street kid into his car so he could provide his vampire slave a warm meal?

Spike fought to open his eyes as he struggled against the nausea he always felt when he was given such a 'treat'.

* * * * *

As Spike blinked his eyes, memories flooded his mind and he remembered that he was no longer a slave. He had been rescued by a loving child. The child that was, in fact, held tightly to his side right now.

Spike relaxed his tense muscles and reached his hand around to gently pet Wil's wheat blond hair.

Wil purred at the sensation of the gentle touch and snuggled closer to Spike's side.

Spike smiled at the movement and continued to stroke Wil's slightly long, wavy hair.

Wil's snuggle hadn't stopped, then Spike realized that Wil wasn't snuggling, he was rubbing... humping.

Spike slowly turned his head, not wanting to disturb Wil if he was asleep.

"I love you." Wil whispered when Spike met his peaceful gaze.

"I love you too Sprat." Spike said in a low voice as he realized that Wil had increased the intensity of his movement.

After a long moment of silence, Spike continued, "You should probably stop that."

"Okay." Wil said quietly and stopped moving.

Spike was about to say something else when Wil shifted himself onto Spike's chest with his erection pressing into Spike's growing cock.

"How about this?" Wil asked, then swooped in to give Spike a full, deep kiss on the mouth.

Spike was momentarily shocked by the movement, but soon was lost in the sensation of the warm mouth and questing tongue.

Wil started humping against Spike's growing erection as he continued to kiss Spike hungrily.

Spike didn't need to breathe, but some part of him knew that he needed to break the kiss and stop this before it went any further.

"Wil, your fathers wouldn't like you doing this." Spike said, as he pulled Wil far enough away to look in his eyes.

"I love you, Spike. I'll always love you. I want my first time to be with you." Wil said with longing in his voice.

"You're too young, Wil. It's not right." Spike said gently and a note of regret could be heard in his voice.

Wil chuckled and said, "You're a vampire, Spike. You don't have to worry about right and wrong. Just do what feels good... it feels good, doesn't it?"

Spike examined the hopeful look in Wil's eyes, seeing that he needed to be assured that what he was doing was bringing Spike pleasure.

"Yeah Sprat, it feels good. But you're too young for this." Spike whispered with regret and longing.

"Stand up." Wil said firmly as he pulled away from Spike.

After a moment of coaxing and pulling from Wil, Spike reluctantly got out of bed.

As soon as they were both standing, Wil pulled Spike firmly against him and looked him in the eyes.

"How much older do I need to be? I'm as tall as you are now." Wil said seriously.

Spike broke loose of Wil's firm grip and took a step back to examine him.

Wil had grown again while they were sleeping.

The young man in front of him appeared to be fifteen, maybe sixteen years old and did indeed equal Spike in height.

"I don't age like humans, Spike. I'm getting older and I NEED to do this. Please let my first time be with you. I love you." Wil finished in a pleading whisper.

Spike noticed Wil's straining erection and the look of desperation in his voice.

After a long silence, Spike reluctantly nodded and said, "Right then. Let's us get back in bed."

Wil smiled with delight, and tackled Spike as he pulled them both down to the bed.

Spike chuckled as he said, "I can't remember the last time someone wanted me this bad."

"I want you Spike, I'll always want you." Wil said as he moved into position and gave Spike a long, desperate kiss.

No more words were spoken as Wil's kissing of Spike became more passionate and his thrusting and humping intensified.

Spike finally broke out of the kiss and said, "You're going to rub yourself raw if you keep up like that."

"It feels good." Wil said, then moved to nuzzle Spike's neck.

"That. Right there." Spike said in a breathy whisper as Wil found the magic spot on his neck that made his entire?body quiver.

Wil nibbled and tongued the nape of Spike's neck while he made forceful jabs with his pelvis against Spike.

"Stop Wil. Stop for a mo." Spike said as he tried to push Wil away from his neck.

"What's wrong?" Wil asked with concern as he reluctantly pulled? back.

"It's your first time, right?" Spike asked as he looked up into Wil's lustful eyes.

"Yeah." Wil said in a hesitant breath.

"Then I think we can do better than this. Lay down here and let me make it good for you." Spike said as he guided Wil to lay down beside him.

Wil initially resisted the relocation, but finally was laying back on the bed.

"Just relax." Spike said gently, then began to trail small kisses down Wil's chest.

"Oh Spike." Wil gasped as he felt his arousal increasing.

Spike kissed and licked his way down until he finally gave in and took Wil's desperately straining member into his mouth.

"Aaagh!" Wil yelped at the new sensation and nearly bucked Spike off the bed with his reflexive reaction.

Spike pulled away and chuckled for a moment before saying, "I guess you liked that bit?"

"I remember what my Father remembered, but I didn't feel what he felt. I didn't know... please Spike... do it some more." Wil begged.

Spike looked into the lust crazed eyes of the young man who was lying naked before him, then said, "Just lie back and enjoy."

"I love you, Spike." Wil said in a whisper, then drew in a gasp as Spike's mouth engulfed him.

* * * * *

Spike skillfully pleasured Wil, bringing him to the brink of orgasm, then backing off.

"Make love to me Spike." Wil said in a voice of desperate longing.

"Not today love." Spike said gently, before engulfing Wil yet again.

"Please Spike. I love you. Make me yours. Take me." Wil begged.

Spike released Wil and moved up the bed so they were nearly nose to nose.

"Wil, I love you too. That's why I'm not going to take you like that. If this is going to be more than a one off, I want to save that for the day we commit ourselves to each other." Spike said quietly.

"I'll do it. I commit! Now make love to me!" Wil said with frustration as he reached a hand down to his straining erection.

Spike intercepted the hand and said, "I am making love to you Wil. We're just going to save that bit for later. Agreed?"

"Whatever you want Spike. Just please do something. I'm going out of my bloody mind here!" Wil nearly screamed.

Spike chuckled, then moved one hand down to slowly start wanking Wil as he moved up and began to kiss the young man slowly.

"Yes..." Wil mumbled through their kiss.

"Love you." Spike responded quietly.

"Love you forever." Wil said as his eyes rolled back at the wondrous sensations.

? "Forever." Spike responded, then sealed the words with a deep kiss filled with all the love and passion that he felt.

"I'm close." Wil said in a gasp as he felt the tension of orgasm building within him.

"Let 'er rip Wil. Let me have it." Spike said as he moved down in the bed again.

"I'm... I'm..." Wil panted as Spike released his hand and replaced it with his mouth.

"Oh Spike! Oh fuck, Spike! Yes!" Wil howled as his body arched up off the bed.

Spike followed the movement and used his vampiric strength to keep Wil from bucking him off the bed.

Wil's orgasm triggered his transformation. His fangs and webbed fingers came into being without his knowing as he thrashed on the bed.

"Oh, it's... it's..." Wil gasped, then arched his body again in another spasm of release.

Spike pulled away from Wil's exploding cock, allowing the erupting seed to fly where it would.

Wil's grey/green skin was glistening with his sweat as his semen flew up his chest and onto the pillow by his head.

Spike marveled at the beauty of the young man completely lost in his passion.

Never in over a century of unlife had Spike known anyone to feel the passion so intensely.

"Oh Spike! Spike!" Wil panted as the eruption of his semen finally started to subside.

Spike carefully began cleaning Wil with his tongue, reveling in the taste and smell as he lapped at the gooey evidence of their lovemaking.

"That was... Spike, I love you." Wil said in a raspy voice as he lay panting with his arms outstretched.

Spike looked up and noticed that Wil still had the sheets loosely balled in his claw like fists.

"I love you too Wil." Spike said as he moved up to give Wil a firm kiss.

After a moment of kissing, Wil pulled away and looked at Spike curiously.

"You're tasting yourself. Isn't it sweet?" Spike asked with a peaceful smile.

"I want to taste you." Wil said intently.

"Today is just for you Sprat. We'll have plenty of time for that later." Spike said quietly.

"Shut your bloody gob and lay back." Wil said in a guttural growl.

"Alright Sprat, just one thing first..." Spike said as he slowly laid back on the bed.

"Anything Spike. Just name it." Wil said with lust burning in his eyes.

"Pull the fangs back." Spike said as he laid back on the bed and opened himself completely to Wil.

After a glance at his webbed fingers, Wil chuckled, then concentrated for a moment to return to his human form.

"You're bloody beautiful mate. I've never seen anything like it." Spike said in a dreamy whisper as he felt Wil moving into place over him.

"I only feel beautiful when I'm with you. Hold still..." Wil finished in a whisper.

? "I'm all yours now. Only yours." Spike said as he closed his eyes, giving Wil his ultimate trust.

A moment later, Spike's eyes flew open as he felt the unmistakable sensation of fang scraping along the overly sensitive skin of his inner thigh.

"Sprat..." Spike gasped.

"Shhh... Remember, I know how a vampire likes it." Wil said softly, then went back to his exploration of Spike's groin.

It was Spike's turn to have his fists tangled in the sheets as he resisted the urge to grab Wil's head and pull him away... or closer.

Spike let out a gasp as he felt the fangs puncture the skin of his inner thigh and drink ever so slightly from the femoral artery.

"You do that much more and you'll set me off without even touching my cock." Spike said semicoherantly.

"No. I don't want that." Wil said, as he scooted up the bed.

"Go into game face for me. I want to kiss you for real." Wil said with sultry passion burning in his gaze.

Spike let loose the last thread of restraint that he had been holding on to and let his game face come to the fore.

As soon as Spike's transformation was complete, Wil forcefully moved in and began to ravage Spike's mouth.

Tongues and fangs fought for dominance as the passion became more erratic and violent.

Wil moved one of his clawed hands to Spike's neglected cock and began to pull at it with long savage strokes.

"Oh fuck!" Spike said as he took in an unneeded breath at the sensation.

Wil shifted slightly and brought down his other hand to cup Spike's balls and allowed his claws to dig in at the base of Spike's cock.

When Spike opened his mouth in a gasp, Wil moved in and plundered Spike's mouth savagely, nipping and biting as he kissed.

Blood began to flow from the small wounds in both their mouths and another level of passion was realized as their blood mingled.

Wil let out an animalistic growl as his senses of taste and smell were overwhelmed with the combination of their blood.

"I'm close." Spike barely managed to say between Wil's nipping and sucking attacks on his mouth.

Wil quickly scooted himself down the bed and took Spike's throbbing cock into his mouth.

"Oh! I'm gonna want that back when you're finished with it!" Spike said in a yelp as he felt Wil's fangs scraping along his most sensitive flesh.

Before Spike could complain any further, Wil went down to the root and allowed his fangs to bite in slightly as he began to suckle.

Spike threw back his head and let out a demonic howl at the mix of pleasure and pain that rushed through his senses.

Wil was relentless, both sucking and swallowing to massage Spike's cock with his mouth and throat while his claws dragged over Spike's chest leaving thin bloody lines in their wake.

Spike felt as if every muscle in his body tensed and became rigid as he found himself on the precipice of release.

Wil felt the tensing in Spike's body and pulled his mouth up slightly so he was holding only the head of Spike's engorged cock in his mouth.

The first spasm of Spike's release spurted into Wil's mouth and he sucked hungrily to devour every drop of the demon seed.

Spike's muscles tensed again even though he hadn't been aware of them ever relaxing.

Wil took the next load of Spike's cold seed into his mouth, then pulled off Spike's cock and moved to his mouth.

With all that had happened, Spike was little more than an animal by this point, but gratefully accepted the kiss from Wil when it was offered.

Spike's mouth was overwhelmed by the taste of Wil, his own semen and their combined blood.

Finally releasing the sheets, Spike pulled Wil fully on top of him.

He passionately kissed Wil as the last few spurts of his semen were pressed between their bodies.

Finally Spike's passion was spent and he stopped to stare up into Wil's youthful eyes.

"I love you." Wil said as his face slowly transformed back to human.

Spike chuckled and said, "I got the feeling that you might, Love."

"Spike, I really mean it. I remember over a hundred years of my father's life... unlife, I mean. I have a pretty good idea of what love is and isn't. I love you." Wil said seriously as he looked deeply into Spike's eyes.

"I know, Love. I know what you're saying and I know that you mean it. I love you too, and I might even be a bit 'in love' with you." Spike said honestly, allowing Wil to see the sincerity in his eyes.

? Wil nodded and shyly said, "Yeah. 'In love', that's what I meant."

"I know Sprat." Spike said with a happy teasing smile.

"I like it better when you call me 'Love'. Will you call me that instead?" Wil asked hopefully.

"What about when we're around your fathers?" Spike asked as he looked deeply into Wil's eyes.

"I'll never be ashamed of loving you, Spike. I'll tell my fathers and Great-grandpa Angel and anyone else whose opinion I give a damn about. You're mine and I'm not gonna let anyone think for a minute that they've got a chance of getting you." Wil finished in an animal growl.

"There hasn't been a long line of people waiting to get a chance at me the past few decades. I don't see that being a problem." Spike said with a look of admiration and love at Wil.

"Then the people on your side of the door must have been bloody fools. You're the most beautiful, strong, fierce vampire that there is, and I've claimed you as my mate." Wil said proudly.

Spike didn't have words to respond to Wil's declaration, so he pulled Wil into his arms and hugged tightly, trying to convey his feelings through touch.

* * * * *

After long silent minutes in each others arms, just holding and being held, Wil finally broke the silence by saying, "I'm starting to feel like I need a shower... and we're both kind of..."

Spike looked down at their naked bodies covered with scratches, scrapes, smeared blood and semen.

"Would you like to shower with me?" Wil asked hopefully.

"I hope this place has a good hot water heater." Spike said with a smile.

Wil looked down in time to see Spike's cock twitch and begin to rise.

"Let's go find out."

To Be Continued...

Editor's Notes:

Once again, here I am editing a chapter for MM.

I think this is a very interesting take on this particular universe. I must admit that I haven't followed this saga very closely, but now of course, I have to go back and read the earlier chapters. I would say that Spike and Wil make a very nice couple. They seem to enjoy each other's company. It seems to me that they get a little bit aggressive when they make love.? I want to read more. As MM told me in the e mail that contained this story, this chapter is much shorter than the CSU chapters. I would say it is short and to the point. (to the point of orgasm)

Darryl AKA The Radio Rancher