5) Demon Parenting: A Handbook 7

Alexander made his way down the stairs at a near run. A moment later he was standing in Angel's office panting for breath.

Angel looked up from his paperwork and was startled by the flushed look on Alexander's face.

"I was... We were wondering if we could use a two bedroom suite, so Wil could have his own room and we could..." Alexander couldn't think of what the next words should be.

"Have some privacy?" Angel asked, trying to keep a serious face.

Alexander nodded furiously.

Angel got up and walked to the pegboard of room keys on the wall and took one down.

"509. It's sort of a presidential suite, and it's ready to use except for linens. You'll need to grab some from the linen closet on the way up." Angel said calmly, trying not to be overwhelmed by the scent of arrousal coming off of Alexander.

"509, thanks." Alexander said quickly and ran out the door.

"Xander!" Angel called.

Alexander walked back into the office a moment later with a puzzled look on his face. Angel tossed him the key and smiled as he went back to his desk.

Alexander looked at the key, looked at Angel, then ran out of the office, around the counter, and up the stairs, full speed.

* * * * *

Wesley was furiously packing, within two minutes he realized that he nearly had everything that Alexander owned ready to move.

He ran into the bathroom and gathered everything that wasn't attached and threw it into empty shopping bags. Just as he was stacking the bags and luggage by the door, Alexander rushed in.

"Everything ready?" Alexander asked in a gasp.

"Let's go." Wesley said and hefted as many bags as he could carry.

Alexander ran to the bed and grabbed Wil as gently as he could and ran out the door.

"Poppa?" Wil asked in a tired, worried voice.

"Shhh. Nothing's wrong, we're just moving upstairs so you can have your own bed." Alexander said as he took the stairs two at a time.

Wesley was right behind him, mostly because he didn't know which room they were going to.

Once they made it to the fifth floor, Alexander ran to 509 and nearly dropped Wil fumbling with the key.

"Poppa?" Wil asked, now more awake.

"Yes Wil?" Alexander asked as he finally got the door opened.

"Is Daddy leaving soon?" Wil asked with a tremor in his voice.

"No, why would you think that?" Alexander asked with concern.

"Cause your acting like he's going away an you'll never see him again." Wil said seriously.

Alexander looked at Wil, then at Wesley, then said, "You're right. We can take our time."

Wesley looked tenderly at Wil as they entered the room.

The room was luxurious. They all looked around and were amazed at the beauty. This one was four times the size of the room that Alexander had been staying in.

"Angel told you to use this room?" Wesley asked incredulously.

"Yeah." Alexander said, looking in doors to discover what each one hid.

"I'll take this to mean that he approves of us, otherwise he would have put us on the third floor where the rooms aren't nearly so nice." Wesley said, still a little dazed.

"Poppa, look at this tub!" Wil said with excitement from the bathroom.

Alexander and Wesley went to the bathroom and saw a huge tub that looked big enough to easily accommodate six people.

"We'll wait till the morning to try it out Wil, back to bed with you." Alexander said in a mild fatherly tone.

Wil got a sour look on his face but left the bathroom. A moment later he called out. "Which room is mine?"

Alexander and Wesley went with Wil to look at each room and they decided that he could have either room since they were virtually the same.

"This one. I'm gonna have my own room." Wil said with pride.

"Yes, let's get you into... I forgot to get linens... wait here and I'll run downstairs and get them." Alexander said, flustered.

"Why don't you and William unpack while I get the linens?" Wesley said reasonably.

"You sure you don't mind?" Alexander asked seriously.

"I assure you that I would not have offered if I minded." Wesley said primly.

Alexander smiled and moved to kiss Wesley but as they were inches away from each other, Alexander turned and saw Wil watching them.

Wil rolled his eyes and said, "You're my daddy and my poppa, you can kiss and hug in front of me. Just leave the dangley bits alone while I'm in the room."

Alexander laughed as Wesley pulled him into a hug. Wesley pressed his blushing face into Alexander's shoulder and started to laugh too.

"You've got a deal Wil." Alexander said when he finished laughing.

Moments later Wesley was on the way downstairs to get linens and Wil and Alexander were unpacking their things from the luggage.

"Poppa?" Wil said quietly.

"Yes Wil?" Alexander answered, concerned by the quiet tone.

"I know you and Daddy are gonna want to be alone. If you want, I can stay with Peaches, soes you don't have ta worry bout me being around." Wil said bravely.

"William Jesse Harris, let me make something perfectly clear to you." Alexander said in a stern tone. "You are my son and nothing, NOTHING is more important to me than you. So you don't have to leave or be quiet or be one bit different than you usually are. The only thing I'm going to ask you to do is respect our privacy when we're in the bedroom. You can do that by knocking and waiting for an answer before you come in. Besides that, nothing is different. We both love you very much and that's not going to change because we love each other."

Wil considered his Poppa's words, then he put his hands up signaling to be picked up. Alexander picked him up and gave him a long, thorough hug.

Wesley came into the room with the linens and two more bags from the room downstairs. Wil saw him and put his arm out, asking Wesley to join the hug.

A little adjustment had to be made, but soon a three-way hug was achieved and none of them wanted to let go.

"Guys? We're going to have to move soon. It's getting late and Wil needs to get some sleep." Alexander said quietly.

"On three?" Wil asked with a laugh.

"You call it." Alexander responded.

"One... Two... Three!" and the hug broke up with everyone laughing.

Within minutes the beds were made and the most essential belongings had been found among the luggage. By unanimous consent, they decided to leave the proper unpacking until tomorrow.

"Good night Wil." Alexander said quietly.

"Good night William." Wesley said with tenderness.

"Good night Poppa, Good night Daddy." Wil said before turning on his side to go to sleep.

Alexander and Wesley stepped out the door and turned as one to watch for a moment before closing the door.

* * * * *

Alexander and Wesley went through the bags in the main room of the suite once again before going to the bedroom.

Alexander was about to speak when Wesley put a finger on his lips and shook his head.

In a moment, the finger was replaced with lips as Wesley initiated a kiss that shook Alexander down to his soul. After a minute, maybe it was a day, no telling, they broke the kiss and Alexander pulled back to look at Wesley in wonder.

Alexander said in astonishment, "Cordelia must have been doing something seriously wrong, she said..."

Wesley moved in for another kiss and worked a hand under Alexander's T-shirt. When the kiss finally broke, Wesley asked, "You were saying?"

"Nothing important." And Alexander moved in for another kiss as he started to remove Wesley's button down shirt. After a moment of frustration, Wesley grabbed the shirt and pulled.

Buttons popped and flew in all directions. Alexander pondered that for a bout half a second before sliding the shirt off Wesley's shoulders and off his arms. Next Alexander pulled Wesley's white T-shirt out of his pants.

In a move that looked like it had been rehearsed for years, they broke apart and pulled their respective T-shirts off and threw them aside before coming back together with a slap of bare chests.

Hands were wandering through hair, across backs, and occasionally down further.

"Shoes." Alexander said in a gasp. A moment later both men had kicked out of their shoes, not wanting to bother with laces.

Wesley broke the caress and knelt down before Alexander. He looked up into Alexander's eyes and held his gaze as his hands found Alexander's belt. Wesley undid the belt, and then the pants without breaking their gaze. Finally he looked away as he started to work the zipper slowly down.

When the pants were unzipped, Wesley surprised Alexander by quickly pulling pants and boxers down at once in one fluid motion. For some reason Alexander had been expecting him to take his time. When Alexander looked back into Wesley's eyes he understood, [Screw the slow romantic shit. We're going for the gold.]

Alexander stepped out of his bunched pants legs as quickly as he could and began to undo Wesley's belt. Then he undid the pants and was about to pull down the pants and briefs when Wesley said, "Alexander, I should..."

"Shhh. Just let me." Alexander said as he pulled the clothing down to expose Wesley.

"What the? Holy... Fuck Wesley, you're huge!" Alexander exclaimed at the sight.

"Yes, I'm sorry." Wesley said, ashamed.

"Wesley, a man who's packing what? 10? 12 inches? Never has to say he's sorry." Alexander said, getting to his feet and taking Wesley into his arms.

"Th... Then you don't mind?" Wesley asked timidly.

"Mind? Wesley, don't tell me that someone complained about it." Alexander asked in disbelief.

Wesley nodded his head into Alexander's shoulder.

"Wesley, you're perfect. Better than I could have dreamed. And if no one has appreciated you before, it's their loss. I'm going to show you just how special you are." Alexander said while looking into Wesley's scared eyes.

"Then I'm Okay?" Wesley asked, wanting to be sure.

"Okay? You're gifted. Oh Wesley, let's get into the bed, I have so many things to show you." Alexander said with a smile.